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Yahoo answerswhat would happen if someone took the anabolic steroid M1T and did not work out?

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    Your results would be lethargy (extreme tiredness), high bad cholesterol, low good cholesterol, hairloss, headaches, bad acne, high blood pressure, holding water and excess water in your liver -...

Dianabol Headaches - MuscleTalk Bodybuilding Forum
Hi all When running a dianabol only cycle how many of you get headaches and at what dose ? anybody found any way to alleviate these side affects ?

Dianabol - Headaches! - MuscleTalk Bodybuilding Forum
Hi, Ive started my last wednesday, 30mg's of Dianabol daily. I never have headaches, and Ive had the worst one ever since yesterday! It even hurts just to move my eyes!

Headaches On Dianabol -
I Recently Purchased Dianabol From A Source Started Taking About 2 Days Ago And On The Second Day I Started Having Headaches Went And Checked My Blood Pressure But It ... Bodybuilding Forums
Dear friend and fellow athlete, Thank you for visiting the Elite Fitness Discussion Boards. You have read more than allowed quota for non-member visitors and need to ...

Thai dbol headache -
Ok guys check it. I am on my 3rd day and the BP headaches are a pain. I am taking 30mg of dbol : 10mg 0800 10mg 1200 10mg 0400 I have increased my

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