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I have been taken these suppliments for several weeks and this review is my opinion based on my experience with the product during that time. Please subscribe. Dianabol on Amazon:- www.amazon.co.uk Join me on Facebook: www.facebook.com

Your experience with Dianabol?

Hey Guys,

I'm about ready to embark on my third cycle which will consist of:

weeks 1-14- 600mg Test C
Weeks 1-10- 300mgs Deca
Weeks 1-4- 25-50mgs dbol
1mg of adex EOD

I have previous experience with test, winstrol, anavar, etc..but have never tried dbol.....

What are your favorite ways to dose this compound? should I take it once a day an hour...

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    So you buy steroids without knowing how to use them wow you are stupid, I have steroids in my house right now and ill be using them soon, I could only imagine a tard like you taking them you will...

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