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Dianabol is a potent anabolic compound, which is designed to yield substantial gains in muscular mass. This anabolic is a derivative of testosterone and although it works most effectively when used in conjunction with injectables, dianabol may also be used on its own. This drug was developed by Dr. John Ziegler and it was released and introduced in late 1950's by the Ciba Corporation. Dr. Ziegler had an idea...

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Yahoo answersWhat are the best anabolic steriod pills to take?

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    trae, the best kind of steroid to take is ... NONE. steroids can have some nasty side effects, from bloating and distortion of body parts to uncontrollable bursts of temper. there is also a huge...

Dianabol Side Effects and Effects of Dbol Steroids
Positive and negative Dianabol Side Effects Dianabol will give two noticable side effects: Acne and water retention Dbol has a minor to moderate androgenic component ...

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all about dianabol go to: general information go to: side effects go to: stacking and use go to: chemical muscle enhancement! general information back to top

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Side Effects of Dianabol Dianabol is a 'feel good' steroid that sportsmen use for increasing their bodies' growth and metabolism. It causes a positive ...

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Dianabol side effects can be individualistic and dose dependent. While strong Dianabol side-effects are easily controlled with sound knowledge of the steroid.

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